Tea Recipes

Presenting our tea recipes we created in Episode 51: Sue’s Zinger Tea 3 tsp English Breakfast 2 tsp dried orange rind 2 tsp dried hibiscus flowers 1 tsp dried licorice root 1 tsp dried ginger root   Julia’s Chammomile Soother 2 T dried chammomile flowers 1.5 T English Breakfast 1 tsp anice   For both teas, mix spices in a… Read more →


A New Adventure!

Welcome to the all-new A Whole Lotta Craft! We are taking crafting to a whole new level! While there will still be a heavy focus on knitting, spinning and all fiber crafts as well as jewelry-making skills and designs, we will be spreading our wings to include craft food and drinks, historical crafting, and experimental crafts. There will always be… Read more →